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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم
We all know that education is bedrock of human civilization, intellectual perfection and spiritual well-being. Hence seeking of education and treading the path of true knowledge is essentially enjoined upon every Muslim. As said by our beloved Prophet Muhammad 
طَلَبُ العِلمِ فَرِیضَۃٌ عَلَی کُلِّ مُسلِم

“Seeking knowledge is incumbent on every Muslim.”

Keeping in view this divine instruction in letter and spirit, we at R. P. School welcome the students to all religious and temporal learning and curricular/co-curricular activities. History bears witness to this undeniable fact that besides Muslim males innumerable Muslim female scholars shave shone on the horizon of learning and instruction. They are recognized as authorities in their respective fields of education, particularly in reference to Quran, Hadith, Science, Linguistics, Home making, Social Reformation etc. The ideal principles as well as methodology of teaching and learning process that used to be followed by the Muslim educationists of their times, are fully applicable in modern era also, because it owes its origin to the life and teachings of unlettered Prophet of Islam. He taught and guided his disciples called Companions throughout his prophetic career as the mualim i.e. the teacher. In view of this world class unparalleled education Robert L.GU lick, confesses:

“Muhammad  was indeed an educator, the tree of direction to guide humanity towards greater freedom and happiness...’’

What his methodology signifies in relation to education can be discerned from this ever-lasting saying of Khalifa Haroon–Ur-Rashid.

“Be not strict (to the student or learner) to the extent of stifling her faculties or lenient to the point of making her enjoy idleness and accustom herself thereto. Straighten her as much as you can through kindness and gentleness, but fail not to resort to force and severity should she not respond.”

In order to mould the student’s personality under this scheme of value-oriented education, R.P. School is putting to use all its efforts, energies and resources so that excellence in all fields of education once again becomes our sole identity thereby nobility of soul becomes our standard social behavior. We as humble tutors want to follow the highest principles of education that mark the golden era of Islamic civilization and history. We desire in all humility to nourish the dream of making your wards conscientious members of polite and pious society; make them contributors of betterment of humanity at large both intellectually and morally .We hope that in this humble endeavor, we shall have first and foremost the blessing of Allah, the Almighty, besides your whole-hearted and constructive co-operation.

R. P. School aims at transforming the children into a perfect human being committed to foster love, fellow-feeling, freedom, justice and harmony in the society they live in. Students are expected to comprehend and experience the significance of these high-profile values in the school premises itself. Further, to us education in its broadest sense is meant to aid the human being in his/her pursuit of wholeness. Wholeness implies harmonious development of all the potentialities that the Almighty Allah has bestowed on each and every individual. True education is intended to explore these in-born potentialities so that our students live a self-rewarding life of dedicated service in every phase of human activity.

With the blessings and grace of Allah, R. P. School promises you quality modern education in an atmosphere most conducive to character- building, everlasting values and much needed ethics. Again, we assure you that we will try to give your wards the best education encompassing the material and spiritual wellbeing. We are thankful that the respectful and co–operative parents have always come forward and joined hands with us in accomplishing our cherished goals .Thus, we are hopeful of their moral support in future too. With the blessings of the Allah, the Supreme Being, and the support of the parents and well-wishers of school, we pledge to give our nation a perennial supply of geniuses and gift the world with gems of the human race. We endeavor to prepare our future generation who is fully equipped with modern and competent knowledge, coloured with the hues of their religion, culture and morals, so that they always strive to serve their nation and community with honesty and dedication and also prove themselves to be the best creation of the Almighty.





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