R.P. School

Sports Ground

Sports Ground


To pursue any activity of games and sports, provision/ availability of play field is fundamental requirement. The school has a vast playfield measuring suitable for conducting major games and other activities as well, we have volleyball posts, kho-kho poles and badminton posts fixed/installed at proper places.

Availability of games and sports items/articles, games items and equipment’s of major games like cricket, football, hockey, handball, volley ball etc remains at the students disposal of round the year. Besides, sports items required for badminton, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho etc are also available.

Since its birth in year, 1990 R.P School has made tremendous progress. The school has so far produced 18 batches of class 10th, none of the students has ever failed, and the results shown in these years speak themselves about the quality of education the school is providing to the children. We never claim we have reached the heights or touched the skies. Once we claim that we reached the top, it means that we admit that we cannot go further up. In simple words the decline starts when there is no room for improvement. However, we believe that there is always provision and room for progress and improvement.

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