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Every childhood is a fundamental stage of children’s lives, the first years being particularly important for their physical, intellectual and emotional development. In kindergarten at R.P.School, Nagbal, we have developed our pedagogical approach, bringing together the best practices from various methods, always based on education for values and affection.

It is our priority to create a personalized environment for our children and their families for the individual development of each child. Establishing positive interaction, creating a stable, organized and at the same time flexible routine are the main strategies in the development of our curriculum. Individualized teaching, daily english language lessons like conversation, rhymes, phonics are undoubtedly some of the strengths of our educational provision.

We believe that parents are essential partners of our school and therefore at R.P.School Nagbal, we encourage the relationship between the school & the family.

Parental involvement in their children’s education is both a right, as well as a responsibility and our principle. We believe that education should, from an early age, guide children towards becoming the tree protagonists of their lives and asserting themselves as dignified, aware and active citizens, developing their potential and necessary skills in order to be independent, supportive and happy.

I hope and pray that the students of our school will scale great height. May Allah intercede for all who enter the R.P.School Nagbal.



Pre Primary Department

Ruqaya Nazir 

Landline: 0194-2262786
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