R.P. School

HOD's Message




With the grace of almighty Allah, I feel immense pleasure to welcome all the parents who are the primary stake holders of education and children whose quality have been and will always be our priority. Education is a process of building character, strengthening mind and sharpening intellect. Our school is committed to provide quality education with vision of eternity. Our entire endeavor therefore revolves around the basic principles of Educational Objectives, Methodology, Quality and highly trained and dedicated faculty.The school is providing individual attention to all types of learners and puts high emphasis on comprehensive and continuous assessment of learning to satiate the needs and abilities of learners.

Our school does not only teach main subjects recommended but also prioritize values by means of religious education which keeps our children close to almighty Allah and cements their bond not only with world but also with the world hereafter as well.


Faculty Advisor

Kowser Mehra


Landline: 0194-2262786
P.R.O: +91-6005979825 / +91-7006804375
Transport Manager: +91-9906898208
Gratbal, Nagbal, Ganderbal, 190006

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