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English Department

"Similar to how a flower blooms incrementally, people also blossom in stages. As we age, we expand our knowledge of how the world works and how other people respond to our deeds. We also expand our language skills in order to communicate both our thoughts and feelings."

English is a global language. For a student, fluency in English language is important both in studies and prospects of career. In the era of liberalization, privatization and globalisation, communication skills are the key to success. Since its inception (2018), the Department of English acts as a beacon of hope for the students especially those with a taste for literature. It not only imparts soft skills but also focuses more on life skills to meet their career goals. Training is given on skills that help in shaping the presentation skills such as role plays, presentations, GDs and mock interviews.

Learning at our school is based on the fundamental principles of life; teaching the children to be courageous, confident, disciplined, responsible and loyal. Education provides a foundation for a lifetime of learning and is great fun too.

Our motto ‘Aspire and Achieve’ is our guiding force and we remain committed to our endeavour, In Sha Allah.

I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to our parental community for having bestowed their faith and confidence in us. Your faith in us is our driving force.

Albert Einstein has rightly opined– “Imagination is more important than knowledge, for while knowledge defines all that we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”

Faculty Advisor

Farhana Mugloo

Landline: 0194-2262786
P.R.O: +91-6005979825 / +91-7006804375
Transport Manager: +91-9906898208
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