R.P. School

Science Laboratory



The mission of the school laboratory is that of involving our students in science experiments and investigate activities and engaging students in the exploration of science in an exciting and meaningful way. The school has a well-qualified and dedicated laboratory staff to aid the students during the experiments. They are asked to record data, analyses data and communicate this data in a practical format, such as charts, graphs.


          In the laboratory, the students are encouraged to ask questions and then search for answers. Opportunities to stimulate curiously and share new knowledge are maximized as students explore science both in the regular classroom as well as in the science labs. The activities are developmentally appropriate and are designed to motivate students to achieve their potential. The scientific method of problem solving is used in every lab session to ensure the proper thought. The lab in the school is intended for students in the 1st grade up to 10th grade and are fully equipped with apparatus for different subjects, such as biology, chemistry and physics.

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