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Felicitation Ceremony of Shifa Aijaz on book launch

 The Novella 'The Cursed Jewels' - (The Stone of Past) by budding writer Shifa Aijaz was released today at Hotel Shahensha, Boulevard in Srinagar. 

The book has been published by Publishers of Creative & Scholarly Books – publishing press. The book is about the journey of a girl, Gianna, who recieves a stone from her grandmother. The stone takes her to a mysterious place where she finds an old man who takes her on an adventure. They go back in time and find the stone of past and come back to their world. A few days later the stone is stolen by the villan, Amelia. But she is not able to use it properly and dies. 
14-year-old writer, Shifa Aijaz, is a student of R. P School Nagbal and always wanted to become a writer, at the event said, “I stand here because of my school.” She further said that her Novella highlights the fact that greed in the end even fails the greedy. 
Pertinent to mention that students at R. P School Nagbal have earlier written four books including Poetry. 
Congratulations Shifa Aijaz, you made us all proud by setting this benchmark. More power to your fertile pen!
Those participated in the book launch ceremony included B.A Kirmani - Retired Justice, Syed Zeeshan Fazil - TV personality and writer, Nazir Mushtaq - Physician and writer, Ayash Arif - Actor, Shabir Ahmad - Meezan publishers and Muzzafar Ahmad Bhat - Principal R. P School Nagbal. 
Muzzafar Ahmad Bhat felicitated the writer and said, “It made us proud. She can do great. Our school is always there for everyone and we wish her luck for future endeavours.” 
Justice Kirmani congratulated the writer and said “It’s great to see a 14-year-old child writing a book.” He was impressed about the way the writer has actually tried to express her thoughts.

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